Irrigation and Landscaping Services

Irrigation & Plantings Bring The Picture Together

The hardscape around the pool is completed and you’re ready to install the irrigation and plants. The landscape design has been in the works since the start of the pool project and the plantings for all the right areas have been decided on.  It’s time to put the finishing touches in the ground.

Landscape and irrigation are important parts to the final design of your backyard dream. Irrigation is needed to keep your investment looking good and growing for years to come.

A proper designed irrigation system starts with a site visit with the client to evaluate the perimeters for the design.  Areas include; sunny locations, shade locations, drip lines, elevations of the property, water source, number of zones needed. Static pressure needs to be calculated. The system hydraulics, including valves and proper head spacing are critical to a system operating correctly.  A poor design can delay an installation a few days or even a few months.

What areas will prosper from a drip irrigation zone?  Drip lines are very much a mainstream today. The primary advantage of drip is ultimately, water conservation. It is putting water directly where it’s needed. A drip system needs to have filters on the line as well as a pressure regulator. Sunny areas should be dedicated to a different zone than severe shady areas so the plant material in those areas receive the correct amount of water. A sunny area will always need more water than its shady counterpart.

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