Patio Hardscapes & Water  Features

Hardscape design options are virtual limitless

The hardscape is the other half of the landscape package. Examples include walkways, stone or brick retaining walls, paver patios, stone patios, permeable pavers for paths, gravel paths, benches, pavilions, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, concrete walks and patios. Water structures such as fountains, grottos and waterfalls. Elevation changes with large stone steps leading to the pool with softscape edges.  A well-designed hardscape is another intricate part to the pool oasis.

The pool shell coping has been installed, it’s time to move forward with the pool surround and patio areas. Perhaps a beautiful Travertine pool deck surround beckons your desires. Travertine is a perfect choice for pool decking, not only for beautiful aesthetics but also for functional reasons that will keep you in the pool area for long hours.

backyard patio

A Travertine pool deck will keep your feet cool under the heat of summer sun. With the light colors that are available you get the beauty of stone tiles without sacrificing comfort in your bare feet. Travertine pool decks are comfortably cool as the Travertine tiles allow the low temperature underground to flow upwards onto the surface and at the same time reflect the sunlight.

Water features are sight pleasing and can also illuminate your sense of sound. Often, emotions are triggered by sounds, like the sound of falling water. Sitting on your patio pool deck watching and listening as water falls from a sheer decent waterfall.  It could be that you would like to incorporate a waterfall with several pools while slowly cascading down a slope into a small pond feature with water lilies and coy fish.Have Quartz Water design your thoughts into a working water feature.