Pool Construction Services

Our emphasis on customer satisfaction, and our commitment to quality, set us apart from the competition.

Quartz Water makes building your pool easy. We specialize in:

  • Free Form Pools

  • Grottos & Tanning Ledges

  • Decorative Boarders & Rock Accents

  • Water Features

  • App Controls For Spa & Covers

  • In-house Shotcrete Equipment & Crew

  • Lighting Features

  • Infinity Edges

Pool Shell

When the pool shell is ready for our clients we can move right into the shoot of the pool shell. We don’t have to wait weeks or longer on another company to do the work. Time is of the essence and we can provide a quicker turnaround for our clients to be enjoying their new pool.

Lighting Design

Lighting designed properly will create an effective atmosphere for evening enjoyment. For nighttime beauty and safety, LED lighting will add that peaceful beauty to your pool oasis. There is a full assortment of lighting for watercolor bubblers, falls, and features.

The design should include;

  • Safety lighting for steps, pool access and exit
  • Spa lights should be located below the seated area
  • Always face the lights away from the house so you and your guests are not looking at a beam in the water
  • Lighting should be six inches below benches to reduce shadows
  • Eliminate dark spots and add additional lights to get proper coverage for an even flow
  • Locate lights on tanning ledges at least four inches below water level
  • Do not use color lights on in ‘dark’ finish pools.  For the best reflective illumination use dimmable white lights which deliver twice the brightness
  • If you are synchronizing lights, they should be on the same circuit

Pool & Spa Controls

Take control of your backyard experience with the most user-friendly, innovative pool automation and control systems on the market. Jandy Pro Access pool and spa features via smartphones, desktops, and tablets through the intuitive, convenient, and award-winning iAquaLink app.