Pergolas and Pavilion Design & Construction

Are you a person who is backyard focused and enjoys cooking and entertaining?  Would you like to create your own resort instead of vacationing elsewhere for the summer months?

Adding a pavilion to the backyard oasis can be an architectural compliment to the overall design and provide shade and a working space for an outdoor kitchen, step up countertops, open bar and seating areas to create an outdoor living room. The design can be an open ceiling with cross-beams. Add a classic style outdoor fan to whisper a comforting breeze. Close in one end for that widescreen TV to view those Monday night football games with your family & friends. Your pavilion can provide an entertainment space that can extend well into the fall & winter season.


A pergola is another architectural option and can be tied into the existing house or can be designed as free standing to create a space for a dining area and seating area. Add a linear gas fire pit for your own outdoor fire feature to complement your pergola and landscaping project.

Designs for the pergola can be finished with traditional beams and cross pieces finished in a composite plastic for a virtually maintenance free solution over wood finishes. Retractable canopies from Shade FX, added to the roof design for a shade and rain solution can extend your indoor living, outdoors.

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Another option is an opening roof system by Ceda-Alum. “Aero-Louv operable roof system”. Read more about this at; Whatever your desires, Quartz Water Construction can make them into reality.